Jim Jones responds to Cam’ron’s Dipset statement

25 Nov

A few weeks ago, Cam’ron said that there was no way that Dipset would ever reunite. This was in response to Juelz Santana’s hope that he and Jim Jones could reunite with Cam. Santana was more than willing to make something happen, only if Cam would apologize for his past comments about his drug use.

Earlier in the year, Cam’ron had said that if the money was right that he would be welcome to working with Jim Jones and Juelz Santana again. Apparently, he had a change of heart somewhere down the line. He said that Dipset is over, as in the past, and there was no way that he was going to reunite with them.

After those comments from Cam’ron were released, Juelz Santana responded. He felt disappointed by the statement, but still expressed interest in working with his former partner, again. Now, Jim Jones has made his response to the situation. He said that he is Dipset, the movement never went anywhere.

Jones said that Juelz Santana has just as much right to Dipset as Cam’ron. There is not one person that can simply end the movement. He said that Cam’ron needs to be more careful in the words that he chooses because things could get ugly if someone takes things personal. He went on to say that Dipset is him and it started in the projects, 5H.

For anyone hoping for a reunion, that is not looking likely. Instead, those hopes need to be pinned on a truce between Jim Jones and Cam’ron because things are only moments away from getting ugly between the two rappers.

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