Has Chamillionaire been dropped from Universal?

25 Nov

At one time, Chamillionaire was looked at as the future of Southern hip hop. He was a part of the Houston hip hop takeover of 2005. Unlike his counterparts, Mike Jones, Slim Thug, and Paul Wall, Cham was looked at as a more lyrical act. Immediately, he proved that he was a hitmaker with his single, “Turn It Up.”

However, once that single fell off, Chamillionaire was forgotten. In early 2006, he released the single, “Ridin’.” That song would end up topping the Billboard Hot 100 and is what truly made Chamillionaire into a star. Universal Records had big plans for him after that single led to his album going platinum.

The label had hopes of making Chamillionaire into a brand. They wanted him to continue making records like “Turn It Up” and “Ridin’.” Also, Universal wanted Chamillionaire to release a new album every year. Most rappers would jump at the opportunity to become the flagship artist for the entire label group, Chamillionaire did not.

When Universal Records asked him to release another album in 2006, Chamillionaire refused to do so. He said that he was not going to rush his creative flow to release another album. Had he done so, he probably would have another platinum release under his belt. Instead, he decided to take his time, releasing an album in 2007.

Unlike his first release, Chamillionaire decided to record a profanity-free album. His sophomore album, Ultimate Victory, did not feature any curse words from Cham, but guests, such as Lil Wayne did curse on their verses. Because of the sharp turn, the album did not sell many copies and the album lacked a true hit.

In the year of 2008, no new music came from Chamillionaire, so when he announced Venom, he had been forgotten by a lot of fans. Now, he is preparing his third album for a December release, but there is no hype around it. The fans are no longer interested in Chamillionaire, and Universal does not seem to be interested, either.

When Venom is released, it is not expected to sell many copies. Universal Records is not a very big fan of album flops. Chamillionaire already had one album flop and another seems to be on the horizon. Is the label even willing to take that risk?

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