Diddy speaks on Mase and Black Rob

25 Nov

Now that Diddy has moved his Bad Boy label, once again, he has taken the time to reflect on some of the label’s former stars. After the death of The Notorious B.I.G., his Bad Boy ship was without its captain. Mase was being built up to be another rapper on the label. After B.I.G.’s death, Mase was forced to be the star. Black Rob, on the other hand was to be another rapper on the label.

After five years of battling with Mase, Diddy has finally allowed him some freedom within his contract. If he wants to, now, Mase can record with artists that are not signed to Bad Boy. He said that he and Mase still have unfinished business, so he cannot simply release him from the label. Diddy wants to make sure that he receives a full return on his investment with Mase.

In 1996, when he signed Mase to Bad Boy, he signed him to a multi-million dollar deal that was to cover multiple albums. The Harlem rapper released two albums in the deal before leaving to become a pastor. Five years after he left, he returned to release one more album with the label. Combined, he only sold five million copies for Bad Boy, much less that Diddy’s investment.

Despite his contractual obligations to Bad Boy Records, Mase had hoped to leave in 2005. 50 Cent was trying to sign him to G-Unit Records. Mase had come back as a clean rapper, but he abandoned that style to make hardcore rap with 50 Cent. Realizing the money that he could lose if Mase signed to G-Unit, Diddy refused to let him go.

When Diddy refused to let Mase out of his deal with Bad Boy, a feud erupted between the two. Now that some time has passed, Diddy and Mase have ended their feud. In the Mase situation, Diddy did admit to being tricked twice, but he will not be tricked again. After he talked about Mase, the conversation shifted to Black Rob.

Ever since 2004, Black Rob has been in prison, serving a nine year sentence. Due to that, he does not have much of an opportunity to record music. Despite his situation, Diddy credited the rapper as one of most dope rappers that he has ever worked with. He hopes to begin working with him again when he is released in 2013.

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