Busta Rhymes sets “The Chemo” for 2010 release

25 Nov

The rap game is full of cancer, according to Busta Rhymes. He says that the only thing keeping hip hop alive is the music from Jay-Z and Lil Wayne. It is sad to say, but hip hop is only being carried by a few artists. There are probably no more than five artists that are making a dent in the hip hop scene.

One person aware of that is Busta Rhymes. There was a time when he was one of the genre’s most dominant acts. Over time, he watched his peers, such as Nas and Jay-Z, become icons, while he became known as a very popular rapper. Despite his starting around the same time as these artists, Busta never was consistent enough to build a legacy the way that they did.

Many people credit Busta Rhymes as a great rapper, but no one would venture to say that he has ever put out a classic album. Surprisingly enough, the New York rapper agrees with those sentiments. He has accepted responsibility of this fact and Busta is looking to improve on that.

Over the years, he has hinted at this, now he plans to really do it. Busta Rhymes has plans of retiring after the release of The Chemo. Since this is going to be his last album, he has to go out with a bang. Initially, Busta had hoped to release this album in 2009, to make up for the constant push-backs of his last album.

There has been one push-back for his latest album and Busta Rhymes hopes that there will not be any more. He has set The Chemo for release sometime in 2010 on Flipmode Entertainment and Universal Records.

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