Plies pushed back until 2010?

24 Nov

For the past few years, rap music has been plagued by one hit wonders and constant push-backs. Things have really gotten out of hand with this in the past two years. Ironically, in the past two years, Plies has risen to become one of rap’s biggest stars.

After he released his debut single, “Shawty,” Plies was written off as a one hit wonder. People assumed that there was no way that he was coming back. Within a year, he scored his second major hit with the single, “Bust It Baby, Pt. 2.” As more and more rappers see their albums pushed back, Plies has seen his pushed up.

Only months after the release of his second album, Definition of Real, Plies came right back with Da REAList. The album did not sell many copies, but he did score some urban hits off of that release. A joke within the hip hop industry has been “a rapper can’t release an album on time unless his name is Plies.”

Soon after the release of Da REAList, it was announced that Plies was going to release his next album, Goon Affiliated in May 2009. It was said that he had an album completed and all that he had to do with it was turn it in. Apparently, he felt the need to go back and re-work the album because it was pushed back to October.

When the October dates came and passed, Plies said that the album was due on November 17, 2009. Last week was the week of the 17th and all that came were releases from 50 Cent and Rakim. Already, two singles have been released off of this album and none have yet to stick. It is likely that Plies has gone back in to re-work the album, one more time.

If that is the case, there is no way to expect Goon Affiliated before the end of 2009. With no buzz surrounding the album and no song in circulation, Plies’ fourth album has probably been pushed back until 2010.

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