Irv Gotti is willing to end feud with Dr. Dre

24 Nov

In 2002, Irv Gotti was on top of the hip hop world. Some were beginning to credit him as the new Dr. Dre. He was producing some of the top hits. Gotti had the power to take an average rapper and put them in the top ten. Despite the comparisons to Dre, Gotti did not have a personal relationship with him.

Irv Gotti is best-known for his work with Ja Rule. The average hip hop fan knows Dr. Dre for his work with 50 Cent. Anyone who has been in hip hop for a while realizes the feud between 50 Cent towards Ja Rule and Irv Gotti. The first public diss record, “Back Down,” was produced by Dr. Dre.

Since that record proved to be the one that ended the reign of Murder Inc., Ja Rule and Irv Gotti began feuding with Dr. Dre. It has been nearly seven years since this feud began. Things seem to have calmed down, some, as Dr. Dre has collaborated with Ja Rule and other Murder Inc. acts. The relationship between Dre and Gotti remains nonexistent.

Crooked I, a rapper signed to Irv Gotti’s Murder Inc. had the opportunity to finally work with Dr. Dre. It is something that he has wanted to do for some time, now it has happened. He has compared Gotti to Dre. Crooked I said that when he informed Irv Gotti of his possible collaboration with Dr. Dre, Irv was very happy.

He said that Irv said that in spite of their feud, if he ever saw Dr. Dre, anywhere, he would reach out to him and shake his hand. Irv Gotti would do that simply based off of his respect for the man. Despite their past differences, Gotti has always admired Dre and has modeled some aspects of his own career after that of Dre.

Despite his tough talk of the past, it seems that Irv Gotti is finally ready to end this feud with Shady/Aftermath. He has spoken positively of Eminem in the media, more than once, he has watched Ja Rule take a stage with Eminem and shout out Dr. Dre. Now, Irv Gotti is professing his admiration for Dr. Dre.

It seems that Irv Gotti is finally ready to end his long-standing feud with Dr. Dre.

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