Game talks 50 Cent vs. Jay-Z feud

24 Nov

During the summer, Game had a lot to say about Jay-Z. For years, he had been baiting Jay, but he never bit. He was always one to say something slick about Jay, then apologize or rephrase his comments. But, this past summer, Game let it all hang out.

From the release of “D.O.A.” and right up until 50 Cent’s release of “Flight 187,” Game was all over Jay-Z. It has been two months since he has even mentioned Jay-Z. His main rival, 50 Cent has taken up that role. In a short span of time, 50 Cent has made it clear that he does not like Jay on a personal level.

Now that Game is back with Dr. Dre, he seems to be happy. He said that he recently talked to Shyne and he advised him to stay away from rap war. Looking back on things, Game said that if he had feuded with Jay-Z that Hov would have easily won. Jay-Z refused to go directly at Game, but he did mention him on the track, “What We Talkin’ About.”

Since Game is off of Jay-Z’s case, 50 Cent has decided to take the baton. No longer interested in feuding with rappers, Game has been able to sit back and watch things transpire. After admitting that Jay-Z would have destroyed him, he said that Jay also has the ability to do the same thing to 50 Cent. Not only does Jay-Z sell more records, but he is also a better rapper than 50 Cent.

When speaking of 50 Cent’s shots towards Jay-Z, Game said that Jay is nothing to be played with. He may do his best to avoid rap feuds, but if he is baited, he still possesses the ability to end careers. 50 is in denial, but his career has been on the downslide for a little while now. As far as taking sides in the feud, Game has not.

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