Fat Joe may sign with Bad Boy/Interscope?

24 Nov

In 2006, Fat Joe left his longtime recording home of Atlantic Records because they would not give him enough creative freedom. What Joey Crack wants is to be able to record an album and then have the label simply put it out. When he signed with a rebuilding Virgin Records, they gave him that freedom.

At the same time, Atlantic is a label full of stars who are able to always go platinum. That is what they expect. Virgin Records, on the other hand, was rebuilding and they needed a star to push them. Fat Joe is not a platinum artist, but he is a star.

Immediately after signing with the label, he delivered with “Make It Rain.” Since the song was a hit, the label allowed him to freely record his album, Me, Myself, & I. With his next album, The Elephant in the Room, Fat Joe was able to deliver another hit with “I Won’t Tell,” because of that, again they allowed him to work freely.

However, working on this album has been difficult for Fat Joe. He recorded songs for the album, but there was not one song that was able to stick with radio. The first official single, “One,” failed to gain any airplay, despite a video being shot. Most people did not realize that Fat Joe even had an album coming.

Because of that, Virgin Records pushed his album back, forcing him to work on it some more. While the label was focused on a profit, it violated the deal that they had with Fat Joe. He is now upset with the label and he is likely not to re-sign with them. There have been rumors thrown around of Fat Joe possibly joining DJ Khaled at Def Jam or going to Young Money.

What seems more likely, though, is Fat Joe signing to Diddy’s new venture at Interscope Records. Many times, Diddy has stated that he wants to make a big splash now that he is at a new label. Fat Joe has complained in the past about not having proper promotion or financing behind his work. He came close to signing with Bad Boy in the 1990s.

Throughout his career, Fat Joe has always had a close relationship with Diddy. Just last summer, he had expressed interest in signing with Bad Boy Records. Is it possible that this will happen sometime in the near future?

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