DJ Khaled to take over the entire Def Jam label?

24 Nov

After Jay-Z stepped down at Def Jam, things changed at the label. In the summer of 2008, Shakir Stewart took over at the label and things appeared to be headed back in the right direction. As a shock to many, Stewart committed suicide before the end of the year. Def Jam’s parent company, Universal Music Group, has spent all of this year searching for a replacement.

There has been some speculation on what would happen. Rumors have said that meetings have taken place with such label heads as Irv Gotti, Sean Combs, and Dame Dash. None of these meetings were ever confirmed as true. During the height of his feud with Rick Ross, 50 Cent said that he would move his G-Unit label to Def Jam and he would take over.

Back in September, Nas said that he had been offered the position of CEO at Def Jam. Nas has been known more for simply being a rapper, as opposed to being an executive. Outside of Nas, no one else has mentioned the possibility of him becoming the next leader at the label. It would be odd that the label would overlook someone like DJ Clue or Ludacris to choose Nas.

In 2008, DJ Khaled was named the president of Def Jam South. In the time since he was named to be the president of the label, he has had Southern hip hop being the only thing keeping the label alive. Imagine if Khaled had permission to venture out and work with other artists in bringing them to the Def Jam label, overall.

One would think that Def Jam would hire someone within the label to be promoted to the label head. If that is the case, the most qualified person and the person with the best track record is DJ Khaled. Will Khaled take over as CEO of Def Jam?

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