Album Preview: Snoop Dogg’s “Malice n Wonderland”

24 Nov

It has been sixteen years since Snoop Dogg released his debut album, Doggystyle, on Death Row Records. Since that time, there have been many highs and lows in the career of Snoop Dogg. He moved over to No Limit Records and became rap’s biggest star for a little while.

Those times are definitely in the past because Snoop Dogg has barely been able to make a dent, sales-wise, on his recent releases. He has been able to come out with strong singles, in the past, but he hardly ever tops gold on any of his releases. With this new album, Snoop Dogg hopes to achieve all of this.

His first single, “Gangsta Luv,” featuring The-Dream, is something completely out of Snoop Dogg’s element. Never before had he done a song like this and with such a contrasting style. In many ways, this song was an experiment. Not all experiments turn out to be successful, but this one did. This song also set the stage for the entire album.

  1. “Intro”
  2. “I Wanna Rock”
  3. “2 Minute Warning”
  4. “1800” featuring Lil Jon
  5. “Different Languages” featuring Jazmine Sullivan
  6. “Gangsta Luv” featuring The-Dream
  7. “Pronto” featuring Soulja Boy
  8. “That’s That Homie”
  9. “Upside Down” featuring Problem and Nipsey Hussle
  10. “Secrets” featuring Kokane
  11. “Pimpin Ain’t EZ” featuring R. Kelly
  12. “Luv Drunk” featuring The-Dream
  13. “Special” featuring Brandy and Pharrell
  14. “Outro”

The album has a great lineup of guests and Snoop Dogg seems more and more willing to try new things. In the past, Snoop has been very critical of music from the likes of Soulja Boy. However, new generation hip hop fans feel that Snoop should not knock it until he tries it. Now, Snoop Dogg has tried it and it works out well in “Pronto.”

Like every other Snoop Dogg album, the production is on-point. There is not a moment on the album where the production slips. On such tracks as “Different Languages,” the Doggfather does his best to explain relationship issues. He also brings the vintage Snoop with such tracks as “Upside Down” and “That’s That Homie.”

In an attempt to strike lightning twice, Snoop Dogg has reunited with R. Kelly for a sequel, of sorts, to their 2006 hit, “That’s That Shit,” with “Pimpin Ain’t EZ.” If the album stays the way that it is now, it has the makings to be one of the best in Snoop’s career. Unlike his past releases, this album is rather short and easier to listen to on a quick ride around town.

This new album, Malice n Wonderland, is expected to be released on December 8, 2009 on Doggystyle Records and Priority Records.

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