Juvenile to release “Cocky & Confident” next month

23 Nov

At one time, Juvenile was the hottest rapper representing the South. He was coming with hit after hit at a consistent rate. After he left Cash Money Records, he fell off for a while, but his 2003 return saw his music return to prominence. He landed his first number one single during his brief return, but he still left the label again.

In 2006, he returned with his own label, UTP Records and more hit music. But, after the release of his album, Reality Check, Juvenile decided to take some time off. He was supposed to return to the game last year, but the death of his daughter changed his outlook. As a result, he waited another year before returning to the game.

While admitting that he is still hurt by the loss of his daughter, he said that he is moving past the pain. Juvenile described this new album as one that will be positive, not holding onto the loss of his daughter or Hurricane Katrina. Working with plenty of up-and-coming acts, Juve says to expect something different from him this time around.

Juvenile is expected to release Cocky & Confident on December 1, 2009 on UTP Records and Atlantic Records. Currently, it is possible that two Hot Boyz reunion tracks may appear on the album, titled “If I Ain’t a Hot Boy” and “We Be Getting Money (remix).”

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