50 Cent is leaving Interscope, G-Unit Records will Stay

22 Nov

For as long as two years, 50 Cent has expressed interest in leaving Interscope Records. He said that he would leave the label once his contract was up. Now that he has released Before I Self Destruct, his contract is now up. In a recent interview, 50 still admitted that he would leave Interscope Records.

Two years ago, 50 Cent became embroiled in a dispute with Interscope head, Jimmy Iovine. Things seemed to have blown over, but 50 has not been promoted the same since. At the time, 50 boasted that he was going to leave Interscope Records, taking his entire G-Unit imprint with him. That was 2007, things have changed a bit.

While 50 Cent is saying that he is still going to leave the label that he helped to rebuild, he said that his solo contract is up. He said that he will allow all of the artists signed to G-Unit/Interscope to stay put. 50 Cent said that he always travels light to keep his deals in order. 50 said that his brand is too successful for Interscope to simply allow him to leave.

The Queens rapper went on to mention how, at one point, he was creating 70% of the black music at the label. He did admit that he does not have the influence that he once had, but he can still sell records for the label. 50 Cent said that he may be gone, but the remaining G-Unit/Interscope artists may collaborate with him and that may bring another hit to Interscope.

50 Cent has finally confirmed that he will be leaving Interscope Records, but he did not mention the next possible label move.

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