Cam’ron is not reviving Dipset

21 Nov

Recently, Juelz Santana said that he was interested in reuniting with Cam’ron and Jim Jones to revive their Dipset movement. Months ago, Cam had expressed those same sentiments. When he made those comments, Juelz and Jimmy expressed no interest in working with Cam again.

When Cam’ron made his comeback, earlier this year, he said that he was down for anything if the money was right. But, over time, he ended up dissing both Jim Jones and Juelz Santana. He accused Santana of being addicted to syrup. Juelz said that he is willing to work with Cam again, but he has to apologize before they work together again.

A few months ago, Cam’ron expressed interest in working with his former crew, again, but not now. There are plenty of fans that are also excited about the possibility of Cam’ron, Jim Jones, and Juelz Santana coming together for another album. If one were to ask Cam, there is no possibility of him ever working with those two again.

After being asked if he would ever work with Juelz Santana or Jim Jones again, Cam’ron said that he would not. His reason for not working with his former partners again is because of the fact that his work with them is a part of the past. At the present moment, Cam’ron is looking at his future, so he has no need to look back.

Cam’ron is rumored to be working on his seventh studio album, which will be released sometime in mid-2010.

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