Beanie Sigel is ready for war with Jay-Z

21 Nov

For the most part, Beanie Sigel had been quiet for most of 2009. When Roc-A-Fella Records broke up late last year, he was among those who left the label. Many people had felt that there had been hard feelings between Beans and Jay-Z. In September, right after the release of The Blueprint 3, he denied those charges and praised Hov.

However, in October, he was at a concert, apparently dissing Jay-Z. Once the footage began to attract attention, he denied that he was dissing Jay-Z. Then, he released the song, “I’m Not Your Average Cat,” that dissed Jay-Z and Memphis Bleek. While Bleek was ready to immediately bury the hatchet, Jay-Z was offended by the charges Sigel made.

From there, Beanie Sigel partnered with 50 Cent and they have been feuding with Jay-Z. Of course, there are those who were die-hard fans of the old Roc-A-Fella and they hate to see Beanie Sigel dissing Jay-Z like this. They are hoping that the former partners could end their feud sometime soon.

With the help of 50 Cent, Beans has been going at Jay-Z for nearly a month and he is showing no signs of slowing down. Now, he has plans of releasing his next album sometime next year. He said that he is going to properly address Jay on that album. Next year, things are going to get hot between the two.

It is likely that Beanie Sigel will end up signing with G-Unit Records sometime before he begins working on an album.

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