50 Cent defends using Rick Ross’ son in Beef

21 Nov

A lot of people were offended by 50 Cent taking pictures of Rick Ross’ son with Tia Kemp. While this feud is completely different from every other hip hop feud in history, no one expected such a low blow from 50 Cent. Now that things have gotten a little hot, 50 has decided to speak on the situation.

In this feud with Rick Ross, 50 Cent said that nothing is off limits. His reason for saying this is because Ross crossed this line first. Early in their feud, the Miami rapper hinted at 50’s son, Marquise, numerous times. There was even a picture of 50’s son that surfaced in a Rick Ross promotional. What Ross pulled, then was very disrespectful.

Rick Ross definitely pulled off a low blow with using images of 50 Cent’s son. However, this gives 50 Cent no excuse to meet Rick Ross’ son in person and take pictures with him. 50 said that he was allowed to do this after they took a picture of his son and placed it on top of a monkey’s body.

The picture of 50 Cent and Rick Ross’ son hit the internet earlier this week.

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