Jay-Z is finally Number One

19 Nov

As legendary as Jay-Z is, he has not accomplished some things that have been accomplished by many inferior artists. He never had a number one single. However, Jay has had many street anthems. There have been many Jay-Z singles that deserved to be number one, but there had never been one.

When Jay-Z made his return to the game with “D.O.A.,” he openly states that the single is not a number one record. Jay-Z loved to brag that in his entire career, he had never had a number one single. He would use that when he was criticized by those who said that he went pop. With his latest album, Jay did experiment, but who would have though he would land a number one hit?

Among the songs used to promote The Blueprint 3 was “Empire State of Mind.” Like many songs before from New York artists, it paid homage to the Big Apple. The song had a nice melody and a 1950s’ feel to it. The hook by Alicia Keys made the song perfect. Jay’s slow flow takes you right to each place.

The song received positive reception and some credit it to the New York Yankees’ World Series title. Now, the song has received the ultimate love, a number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100. As long as Jay-Z has been putting it down, he has never had one of these.

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