Diddy speaks on Shyne’s deportation

19 Nov

When news first surfaced of a return of Shyne, the hip hop community began buzzing. Many rappers voiced their opinions about the situation. As a surprise to many, Diddy also talked about the situation. There had been rumors of a feud between Shyne and Diddy for some time.

Only one day after Diddy talked about Shyne and his prison release, Shyne denied all of the statements his former boss made. Immediately after Shyne denied and dissed Diddy, he was deported. He was given a few days to flee the nation. The way it happened led some to believe that Diddy was behind it.

After serving eight years in an American prison system, it is only right that Shyne is allowed to stay. The fact that Shyne had to leave right after his release was a major blow to not only him, but also people that wanted to hear new music from him. Among those wanting to hear new music from Shyne was Diddy.

While speaking with Funkmaster Flex, Diddy revealed a lot about his relationship with Shyne. First off, Diddy has let it be known that he does not, nor has he ever, had a feud with Shyne. Just like everyone else, he was looking forward to seeing Shyne come home and hearing the new music that he was ready to create.

Before his deportation, Shyne had signed with Game’s Black Wall Street.

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