50 Cent shoots down Game reunion on “Detox”

18 Nov

Fans of the old G-Unit were happy when Game reunited with Dr. Dre. They saw it as one step closer to a reunion with 50 Cent. For years, 50 has been working with Dr. Dre on Detox. Now that he is back, Game has been doing the same thing.

After a photo leaked of Game in the studio with Dr. Dre, some hoped that he would also join 50 Cent in the studio. Given their prior history, 50 denied any studio collaborations. Also, there was no chance of any cross-collaborations.

Hardcore fans are still hoping for something, though. Since both Game and 50 Cent are close to Dr. Dre, some were hoping that he would reunite them. Any type of reunion has been shot down by 50. He said that he may be on Detox, but not on the same track as Game.

Instead of placing his vocals on the same song as Game, he would rather his vocals replace Game’s. Being on the same label does not change those same feelings.

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