The West Coast needs a DJ Khaled

17 Nov

It has been ten years since Southern rappers first took over the game. The South has had a strangle hold on hip hop for some time. But, without DJ Khaled, the South would have fallen off five years ago. DJ Khaled has a lot of connections with Southern rappers and Southern producers. He is partnered with Fat Joe, so he has exposure.

DJ Khaled has been instrumental in the careers of Flo Rida, Plies, and Rick Ross. Of all of the Southern rappers, these three are getting the most airplay. Before they hooked up with DJ Khaled, though, they were nothing more than regular men trying to make it as rappers.

Ever since the demise of Death Row Records, the West Coast has been in trouble. There are plenty of aspiring rappers on the West Coast, but there is not a person that can unite them all together for a big album and it receive mainstream attention. What West Coast hip hop lacks is someone able and willing to help the genre grow.

There is not a person like DJ Khaled out there, helping to create posse cuts for the West Coast’s up-and-coming. If someone would take the time, the West Coast would take over. The West Coast needs a DJ Khaled.

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