Young Buck is working on a New Album

16 Nov

By 2007, it was clear that things were not right between Young Buck and 50 Cent. In 2008, 50 kicked him out of G-Unit. It was then evident that something was wrong. After 50 Cent made the announcement, Young Buck sought his release from G-Unit Records.

Taking advice from former G-Unit rapper, Game, Young Buck decided that the best way to leave the label was for him to publicize his feud with 50 Cent. Much wiser than he was in the past, 50 did not fall for Buck’s tricks. Instead, he held him into his contract with the label.

Once Young Buck realized that a feud with G-Unit was not the answer, he decided to play nice. This summer, Young Buck admitted that he was wrong for going at 50 Cent the way that he did. After that, Young Buck issued an apology to G-Unit Records.

Through all of that, 50 Cent did not budge. He went out and dissed Young Buck, along with Game and Jay-Z on “So Disrespectful.” After the diss, 50 said that all Buck has to do is record a hot album and turn it in to him. If the album makes 50’s money back, he will let Young Buck go.

In 2008, Young Buck had been working on a new album. His feud with 50 Cent caused Buck to stop recording the album. Recently, Buck reunited with Juvenile and UTP. They may help him record his next album, which G-Unit will release sometime in 2010.

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