Nas ends feud with Memphis Bleek

16 Nov

The 2005 truce between Nas and Jay-Z had hip hop buzzing for years to come. Their feud was a glimpse of what happens when the top two rappers in the game clash. What the casual hip hop fan tends to forget is the fact that the feud between Nas and Jay-Z stemmed from Nas’ feud with Memphis Bleek.

While Nas and Jay-Z soon found themselves frequent collaborators, Memphis Bleek was still left out in the cold. In 2006, he was asked about the beef between Jay-Z and Nas. He said there was never any beef because things never became physical. However, Bleek did say that their surprising truce had been months in the making and great for hip hop.

Throughout his career, Memphis Bleek has been great at speaking for Jay-Z. He has rarely spoken for himself. When he talked about the Nas feud, he talked about Jay-Z’s feud with Nas, not his. Once Jay-Z and Nas reached a truce, Memphis Bleek vowed not to diss Nas anymore. Despite that vow, tension still flared.

Once Nas ended his feud with Jay-Z, he took Bleek’s spot as Jay-Z’s sidekick. This left Bleek all alone. In Jay’s 2007 “Roc Boys” video, Jay is by Nas’ side for most of the video, while Bleek is only shown once for a few seconds. In the past, Bleek would have been the one standing beside Jay/

Behind closed doors, the feud between Nas and Memphis Bleek continued. Now, Nas and Bleek both find themselves in leadership roles, no longer needing Jay-Z’s shadow. As a result, their feud is a thing of the past.

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