Jay-Z to release “On to the Next One” as Next Single

16 Nov

Jay-ZWith attacks coming at Jay-Z from all sides, he has decided to release another single from his already platinum, The Blueprint 3. The song’s producer and featured artist, Swizz Beatz, revealed this news via Twitter. He announced that a video is in the works.

It is ironic that Jay-Z would choose this as his next single. Despite the song having been recorded during the summer, some would say that he was going at 50 Cent on the song. Now that 50 is dissing Jay, some hardcore fans want him to release “On to the Next One” as his next single.

Ever since September, 50 Cent has been taking shots at Jay-Z. At the time, Jay-Z was on top of the world right after the release of The Blueprint 3. 50 Cent, on the other hand, could not even secure a release date for his album.

In a matter of months, things have changed. Beanie Sigel has sparked a Jay-Z backlash. 50 Cent, who has since released his album and has a radio hit, has decided to take Beanie’s side and directly feud with Jay-Z. The support that Jay had two months ago is now 50’s.

With his Ne-Yo collaboration, “Baby by Me,” 50 Cent has taken over the radio waves. At this expense is Jay-Z’s “Empire State of Mind.” Right now, Jay needs two things, to get back into radio play and to shut 50 Cent up. Releasing “On to the Next One” does both.

The song is already getting some radio play and the video should arrive some time in December.

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