Is Ludacris retiring from Rap?

16 Nov

LudacrisWhen he first made his mainstream debut into hip hop, Ludacris quickly became an established brand. His music was fun and energetic, it was obvious that Luda was in love with the music. Almost as soon as he arrived, he built the Def Jam South brand.

Aside from helping to build Def Jam South, Ludacris was also the CEO of his own label, Disturbing tha Peace Records. Once Luda became an established star, he introduced the world to the artists on his label. Soon, he brokered a deal that allowed him and his label to move under the mainstream Def Jam label.

In 2004, Ludacris began shifting his attention from rapping to acting. While he was making a name for himself as an actor, his career as a rapper took a toll. When he made his 2006 return to music, the album was not as successful as his previous releases. It was almost as if his heart was no longer in the music.

After the release of his album, Ludacris returned to the executive position of his label. In 2008, he returned with another dud of an album. The album was not bad, but it still felt as if his heart was somewhere else. Since the release of that album, Luda has expressed interest in moving into other ventures.

For a while, Ludacris has hinted at the possibility of retiring from rap to pursue a career in acting. He has said that his upcoming album, Ludaversal, may be his final album. It looks like Luda may be planning an exit strategy, he signed Lil’ Scrappy to DTP earlier this year.

Signing Scrappy gives him another star on the label, leaving Ludacris free to move on from music, but leaving his label successful. After Ludaversal, Ludacris may just leave rap music.

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