Busta Rhymes paid Shyne a visit in Belize

16 Nov

The bad luck streak of Shyne almost ended this year. Sadly enough, it only continued. Everyone was happy about the fact that Shyne was going to be released from prison in October. But, upon his release, he was deported.

Some people shouted conspiracy when the rapper was deported. No matter what they shouted, the former Bad Boy star had to go. Most fellow rappers expressed their sympathy for Shyne after his deportation. His father even spoke on the situation.

Self-proclaimed hip hop leader, Busta Rhymes, checked things out for himself. While many rappers said that they felt Shyne’s pain, none of them paid him a visit to his home country. Earlier this month, Busta made the trip to Belize to see how his fellow rapper was doing.

Upon his return, Busta Rhymes said that Shyne was just fine and that he is at peace with his situation. It is not known if the two rappers worked on any new music. Shyne was supposed to have released a new album, entitled Godfather Exhumed this year. Busta Rhymes is going to release his “final” album, The Chemo, in 2010.

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