Beanie Sigel calls Memphis Bleek fake

16 Nov

Beanie SigelTowards the end of last month, Beanie Sigel caused quite a stir when he released “Average Cat.” The song was mainly a diss to Jay-Z, but also had a line going at Memphis Bleek. A lot of hip hop fans expected all hell to break out.

Doing the unexpected, Memphis Bleek did not diss Beanie Sigel in return. Saying that he could never diss his former label-mate, Bleek said that he would rather talk things out. The comments made by M dot were overlooked by Jay-Z’s response.

After the release of “Average Cat,” Beanie Sigel said that this was not an excuse for rappers to begin going at Jay-Z. Despite his comments, he aligned himself with 50 Cent, who has yet to let off of Jay. The disses from 50 towards Jay are what is making headlines, as opposed to Beanie Sigel and Jay-Z.

Now that the potential 50 Cent and Jay-Z feud has began to draw attention, Beanie Sigel has decided to speak on his “I Go Off” track. He said that the song was how he felt at the time and how he feels, now. Sigel did not speak on the 50 Cent outro, but he did speak on Memphis Bleek’s comments.

When he was asked about Bleek’s response, Sig said that was the “fakeness” in Memph Bleek. He said that Memphis Bleek is afraid to come back at him, even though he wants to. Instead, he will make himself look like the bigger man and end the feud. Memphis Bleek may not be able to diss Beanie Sigel, but he has no problem going at Bleek.

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