Will Murder Inc. reunite?

15 Nov

Murder Inc. (group)In the late 1990s, Jay-Z, DMX, and Ja Rule could have created the most powerful hip hop group in history. The only thing that stood between this group and history was friction between Jay-Z and DMX. Later, a high-profile feud between DMX and Ja Rule ended all possibility of a Murder Inc. album.

Together, they were great, but alone, Jay-Z, DMX, and Ja Rule all had great careers. When he was asked about recording an album with Ja Rule, he said that he was open to doing something if they could all get together. Currently, DMX is recording new music and he may possibly work with Ja Rule. With strong relationships with both DMX and Jay-Z, Ja Rule could possibly get both rappers on his new album.

Jay-Z has mainstream hip hop behind him and he is coming off a critically-acclaimed album in The Blueprint 3. What Jay does not have is love from the streets or love from hardcore hip hop fans. With 50 Cent coming harder and harder at Jay-Z, it is only a matter of time before Hov pulls a power move, reuniting with Ja Rule.

After a failed comeback with 2007’s The Mirror, Ja Rule is trying to do things right with this album. With his last album, Rule tried to recruit Lil Wayne and The Game, instead of trying to reunite with Jay-Z and DMX, then. He also tried to replace Ashanti with Ashley Joi, another failed experiment. Resurfacing this year, he made up with DMX and took the stage with Ashanti.

Everything is in place for Murder Inc. to really take the game over next year.

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