Is Beanie Sigel headed to G-Unit Records?

14 Nov

Beanie SigelTwo months ago, Beanie Sigel emerged from the ashes of the old Roc-A-Fella Records to talk about what he has been up to. Beans talked for a long time about the Roc and his relationship with the former artists of the label. More than anything, people wanted to know about him and Jay-Z.

As long as 50 Cent has been in the game, he has wanted to feud with Jay-Z. Any time he mentions Jay, he has something slick to say. When it was revealed that Beanie Sigel was mad at Jigga, 50 must have been happy. Once Sigel leaked the record, “Average Cat,” 50 Cent sided with Beans.

Once Beanie Sigel told of how Jay-Z had treated him at the Roc, 50 Cent revealed that he had tried to sign him to G-Unit Records. It was not long after that when Sigel hinted at possibly signing to the label, again. 50 has not denied any interest in signing him, either.

G-Unit artists, Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks, have talked about the possibility of Beanie Sigel joining the label. They admitted that they did not know what was going to happen, but they would love to have him on G-Unit. Beanie Sigel would love to be on G-Unit Records.

Recently, a new song from Sigel, called “I Go Off,” has been leaked to the internet. On the song, shots are taken at Jay-Z, something that 50 Cent enjoys doing. Now that his contract is done at Interscope Records, 50 may secure a new deal with a new label and sign Beanie Sigel.

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