B.G. speaks on Hot Boyz reunion

14 Nov

B.G.Late last year, shocking news hit the hip hop world, the Hot Boyz were reuniting. At the time, nothing seemed farther from reality. Lil Wayne was on top of the rap world, B.G. was battling with Atlantic Records to release his album, Juvenile was reeling from the death of his daughter, and Turk was in jail.

When 2009 arrived, things began to make more sense. Lil Wayne was expected to release Rebirth and the Young Money album, then return to the Hot Boyz. However, his busy schedule, the push-backs, and the prison sentence have held him up. From the start, Juvenile was ready to go, he says regardless of what happens, Hot Boyz music will be released.

Juvenile’s statement was a bit optimistic, but B.G. is a bit closer to reality. He said that he hopes an album will come next year, but everything is riding on Lil Wayne. B.G. said that Wayne’s upcoming prison stint will ultimately hinder the reunion album. Wayne will be released from prison before the end of 2010.

The untitled Hot Boyz album will be coming sometime in 2010. Birdman confirmed this some time ago and Lil Wayne also promised that the album is still in the works. If the album does not come as expected, some of the tracks may be featured on solo albums from Lil Wayne, B.G., and Juvenile.

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