Rick Ross supports Nas’ presidential bid

13 Nov

Rick RossIn September, Nas made a surprising announcement. He said that he had been approached about becoming the next president of Def Jam. Throughout his career, Nas has been known more for his lyrical ability as opposed to his business leadership. During his feud with Jay-Z, Nas took shots at him because of his businesses.

For a brief period, Nas was the CEO of his own label, Ill Will Records. But, the label has not been mentioned since he almost signed with Murder Inc. In the past, Nas has stated that he is a rapper, not a CEO. Now, he has said that he may take the role of president at Def Jam.

With more qualified people out there, such as Ice Cube or Irv Gotti, and more qualified rappers right there at Def Jam, it is unlikely that Nas would get any support. Surprisingly, Rick Ross supports Nas in his bid to become president of the label. Looking at how close he is to DJ Khaled, one would think that Ross would be pushing for him to take over.

Rick Ross said that he supports Nas because he wants to see rappers take over the game. For years, rappers have sat back and made money for everybody else. If Nas becomes president of Def Jam, that becomes a major step in changing that reality. In 2003, Jay-Z retired from rap to become president of Def Jam.

Aside from Nas and Rick Ross, no one has spoken on the possibility of Nas taking over at Def Jam. If their speculation is true, an announcement will be made before the end of 2010. Nas is currently working on his Distant Relatives album with Damian Marley and Rick Ross is working on his Teflon Don LP.

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