Lil’ Scrappy is ready to become a Star

13 Nov

Lil' ScrappyHe has never received the shine of other, lesser-known rappers, but Lil’ Scrappy has always had the presence of a star. Back in 2003, Lil’ Scrappy was introduced to the hip hop world as the frontman of Trillville. He was supposed to be the rising star of Lil Jon’s BME Recordings.

Things did not quite go as planned and interest did not build around Lil’ Scrappy fast enough. In a short time, he saw low-profile, fellow Atlanta rapper, T.I. rise to become “King.” When he released his 2006 debut album, Born to Live, Bred to Die, it was supposed to be his time. It was not, the album scored one hit, but sold modestly.

In the time after that album’s release, Lil’ Scrappy stood by and watched Lil Wayne transform into a megastar, Plies come out of nowhere and Kanye West become an icon. The only move that Scrappy made during that time period was leaving BME/Warner Bros.

However, he did end up signing with DTP/Def Jam. Now, Lil’ Scrappy has a company with promotional money that they are willing to spend. With Ludacris looking to leave the game, he wants to hand things over to a star. This is Lil’ Scrappy’s time.

The Grustle will be released on DTP Records and Def Jam in November.

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