Young Buck owes G-Unit Records one more album

11 Nov

Young BuckLast spring, the expected happened when Young Buck was kicked out of G-Unit by 50 Cent. Determined not to lose Buck the same way that he lost Game, 50 refused to let him out of his contract with G-Unit Records. Still, Young Buck has wanted off of the label for some time now.

Initially, Young Buck decided that he should send diss records towards 50 Cent and the remaining members of G-Unit. Realizing that 50 would not fall for that, Buck began playing nice. He began 2009 dissing 50 Cent and G-Unit, but recently apologized to the people that made him a star.

Last month, Young Buck expressed interest in leaving G-Unit Records in favor of Juvenile’s UTP Records. UTP was where Buck was signed before he met 50 Cent. Not long after he revealed his interest in reuniting with Juvenile, 50 leaked “So Disrespectful,” a song that disses Young Buck, Jay-Z, Game, and B.G.

Then, just yesterday, 50 Cent gave an updated status on his G-Unit Records. He revealed that Mobb Deep was no longer on the label. With that news, 50 decided to come with a shocker. He said that Game and Young Buck were indeed signed to the label. While Game may not really be still signed to G-Unit, Young Buck is.

Aside from 50 Cent, Buck is the only artist on G-Unit Records that is still signed to Interscope Records. To some, it is becoming clear that 50 Cent is going to leave Interscope Records after he officially releases Before I Self Destruct. That has to be the case because Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo are no longer signed to Interscope, nor are only other G-Unit artists.

50 Cent seems ready to cut ties with Interscope and he has hinted at leaving the label, in the past for Def Jam or Warner Bros. It is more than obvious that Young Buck wants off of G-Unit, so 50 Cent may grant him his wish. 50 recently stated that all Buck needs to do is get hot, release another album, turn it in to him, then sell a lot of records to pay him back. After that, Young Buck is free to leave G-Unit Records.

Basically, all that 50 Cent wants is a profit returned from his initial investment in Young Buck. Currently, there is no album in the works from Young Buck.

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