Jay-Z is ready for Fatherhood

11 Nov

Jay-ZAs a rapper, Jay-Z has accomplished a lot. His accomplishments as a rapper has made Shawn Carter into an impressive man. Throughout his career, he has had the hottest songs on the radio and the prettiest women by his side.

One thing that he has always lacked, however, has been a child. In his old music, he would often brag about not being in committed relationships with women. Jay-Z rapped about the life of a pimp, then he began dating Beyonce. Before long, he shifted away from rapping about being a pimp, instead choosing to become a grown man.

In the past, many have inquired about Jay-Z and Beyonce having children. Jay has never denied interest in having children, but Bey said that she would first have to take a break from her budding career. That was three years ago, when Beyonce was still climbing. Only two months away from 2010, Bey is on top of the R&B game, she can do no wrong.

Like his wife, Jay-Z has mastered his craft, too. He knows that he can take a break from music and come right back and take over the game. That is something that Beyonce is only beginning to realize that she can do. Recently, Jay-Z was asked about being a father and he said that he is very eager to become a father.

He went as far as to say that having a child with Beyonce was the top priority of both he and his wife. Jigga Jay-Z a father, things change.

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