Juelz Santana talks Cam’ron and New Album

10 Nov

Juelz SantanaFor the longest time, Juelz Santana appeared to be in one of the most secure places in hip hop. When he first came into the game, he came in with Cam’ron and his Diplomat Records. This was when Cam was just beginning to gain fame outside of New York.

During the summer of 2002, Cam’ron was the biggest rapper in the game not named Ja Rule or Eminem. His single, “Oh Boy,” dominated the entire summer and it was notable for a collaboration with a young rapper named Juelz Santana. The next single from Cam, “Hey Ma,” was another hit and also featured Santana. Just like that, Juelz became a star.

Hard times ended up hitting Cam’ron, which led to a fallout from Diplomat Records’ distributor, Roc-A-Fella Records. Soon, the label found itself torn to pieces and soon there was beef from within. In 2006, Jim Jones rose to stardom and he returned Juelz to the spotlight. What was planned for 2007 was an album featuring Juelz Santana and Lil Wayne, along with Santana’s Born to Lose, Built to Win (The Reagan Era).

However, what came was a feud between Cam’ron and 50 Cent. After 50 Cent lined up his G-Unit army and took aim at Cam, many expected Cam to line up his Dipset crew and fire back. Instead, Cam’ron and Jim Jones began feuding with each other and Jones, along with Juelz Santana took the stage with 50 Cent. While Cam’ron said that he was unfazed by what happened, it was clear that upset him.

The year of 2008 also came and went with nothing from Juelz Santana. He made a lot of announcements, but nothing ever came into frutiction. Then, Cam’ron made his comeback earlier this year. When speaking of his former partners, Cam said that he could easily reconcile with them, but Juelz needed to get over his syrup addiction first.

Thinking that there was not any friction between himself and Cam’ron, Juelz Santana was upset by Cam’s comments. That is what caused the feud between the two rappers. However, he said that once Cam apologizes for what he said about him, he will be glad to reunite with him and bring Jim Jones along. The idea of reviving Dipset excited Juelz Santana.

Due to all of the beef rising to the forefront, the album from Juelz Santana was forgotten. At one point, Santana had a solid buzz around himself and a deal with Def Jam. It has been three years and nothing from this album has been released.

Despite all of the negativity, the album is still in the works. Now, Juelz Santana has a new name for the album. Taking a cue from Lil’ Scrappy’s 2006 album, his new title is Born to Lose, Built to Die. He ended up releasing a mixtape called The Reagan Era. Sensing his dying buzz, Santana said that he is coming with something more to keep the fans interested.

Putting to death all of the rumors of him being dropped by Def Jam, Santana made it clear that he is still on the label and the album delays have nothing to do with that. In spite of what he said, there is still no set release date for this album, nor is there any current singles from the album.

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