Vibe magazine is Back in December

9 Nov

VibeDuring the summer, hip hop took a tough blow when Vibe magazine shut down. Over the course of sixteen years, the magazine rose to become a stiff competitor to that of The Source and XXL. The broader range of content is what many credited for its success. However, the fact that magazine was so broad was a part of the reason that the magazine was shut down.

The announcement was made on June 29, 2009 that Vibe was being shut down and shut down immediately. Throughout most of the summer, there was speculation that the magazine was coming back. First, the founder, Quincy Jones, announced his intent on purchasing the name and bringing it back before the end of the year.

While that did not happen, the magazine was purchased by InterMedia Group and they immediately revived As for the print magazine, that was going to take a little more time. The company had to sort through what the last owners left, then decide if they were going to be monthly or quarterly.

The final result is Vibe magazine coming back as a quarterly publication. The first issue of Vibe from InterMedia is set to feature Chris Brown on the cover. Vibe will officially be revived in December of 2009.

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