Rick Ross speaks on “Baby By Me (remix)”

9 Nov

Rick RossBeing in a high-profile feud with 50 Cent, Rick Ross did the unthinkable. Recently, 50 Cent collaborated with Ne-Yo for an R&B remix of his mixtape single, “Baby By Me.” The song has been heating up the airwaves and it was only a matter of time before some rapper jumped on the track.

However, who would have expected Rick Ross to have jumped on the track? Not long after the song was released, 50 Cent spoke on the situation. He said that Rick Ross was an idiot for doing the track. He also hinted at the possibility of Rick Ross being his very own personal “Stan.” On top of all that 50 took the time to laugh at Ross’ financial status.

Now that 50 Cent has taken a break from laughing at Rick Ross, the boss, himself, has decided to speak on the situation. He said that he was playing the Before I Self Destruct album and the release was much worse than expected. Rick Ross said that the entire album was so bad that he had to do something to help.

Rick Ross spoke on his “Baby By Me” verse, saying that he had to touch the track and do it properly. He said that if anyone from the G-Unit camp was feeling the song that they could hit him up and they could make this track official. Ross’ appearance on this song proves that he is down for just about anything to build his name.

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