DMX backs out of Boxing Match

9 Nov

DMXMaybe DMX is not as crazy as people are trying to make him out to be. Earlier this year, he finally emerged from the ashes. His first step was reuniting with the Ruff Ryders for a remix of Jadakiss’ “Who’s Real.” Then, he did the unthinkable when he finally reached out to Ja Rule to end their feud.

During the 2009 VH1 Hip Hop Honors, DMX finally returned to the stage. This was his first television performance in years. He was able to excite the stage, then he was able to show that rappers can be responsible when he reached out to his former nemesis. It was after his return to the stage when DMX made an announcement.

With a three-year gap between albums, many expected X to finally set a release date for his album. However, instead, he announced that he was going to fight in the MMA boxing match. Even recently, the Yonkers rapper was talking about his upcoming match. He said that he was just going to jump into the ring without training.

However, his publicist said that DMX was not going to do the fight at all. When she was asked about the situation, she said that DMX is a hip hop artist, not a martial arts fighter. So much for the old DMX that never backed down, he will not be doing the boxing match.

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