Can T.I. make a Comeback?

9 Nov

T.I.Last year was an incredible year for T.I. However, this year has been one of reality for the rapper, he began serving a prison sentence in May. Because of his 10 month prison stint, T.I. has been out of commission for 2009.

In March, T.I. will be released from prison. He will probably take that time to bond with his family. It is hard to imagine T.I. going directly from prison to working on an album when he has a wife and children at home. T.I. will probably spend most of next year taking up time with them.

Most likely, T.I. will begin working on a new album sometime late in 2010 with an album probably set for a 2010 release. Right now, it does not seem like that long, but it has been eight months since T.I. has had a hit single. “Dead and Gone” fell off back in March and T.I. did not have any more music to replace it.

Since he has been away for eight months already, T.I. would struggle to rebuild his steam. It will be an entire year before T.I. has a chance to record any new music. Chances are, he takes some time off to be with his family, so there will probably not be any new music from T.I. immediately after his prison release.

It will probably be three years in between T.I. releases before he releases any new music. Aside from all of that, Tip had expressed interest in making movies before his prison sentence. By the time T.I. is ready to record music, he will have really fallen off in the game. Everyone knows the lifespan of a rapper.

After probably three years away, can T.I. make a comeback?

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