Game pushes back “The R.E.D. Album”

4 Nov

The Game (rapper)Game and Dr. Dre have finally reunited. While Dr. Dre has not had much to say regarding the situation, Game is all over himself. That was evident when he first leaked the picture to the internet.

As confirmed by Snoop Dogg, that picture was taken while all three of the rappers were recording for Detox. But, not long after the picture was released, Game began saying that he had returned to Aftermath Entertainment. Earlier in the year, he did return to Interscope Records.

Since most of what Game said ended up being true, many began to speculate that Dr. Dre would also be taking part in Game’s upcoming album. Initially, no one spoke of his part in The R.E.D. Album. That was because there was no part that Dr. Dre had. Game completed the album on his own.

Only days ago, Game bragged about his album. He said that he may leak the entire thing and record another album. Now that he and Dr. Dre are family again, he has decided to record on some of Dre’s beats. Any hip hop fan knows how long it takes Dr. Dre to work on beats, so the album has been pushed back.

Initially, The R.E.D. Album was set for release on December 8, 2009, but the new recordings with Dr. Dre have pushed the album back. It is unclear when the album will be coming out, but it will probably see a release sometime next year instead of December 8.

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