Beanie Sigel responds to Jay-Z’s claims

4 Nov

Beanie SigelAfter the song, “I’m Not Your Average Cat,” leaked from Beanie Sigel, it caused a wave felt by the entire hip hop community. Ever since the song was first played, such figures as Just Blaze, Fabolous, Memphis Bleek, and 50 Cent have spoken on the situation.

Aside from those figures, the most important man talked about the diss record. That man happens to by Jay-Z and he was wondering where all of this hostility came from. Among other claims, Jay said that he helped Beans have multiple Bentleys, a clothing line, and a record label.

In response to the Bentley accusation, Beanie Sigel said that Jay-Z shot himself in the foot by saying that. From there, he moved on to disucss the clothing line. He said that he had a twenty percent stake in State Property clothing and the people that handled Rocawear handled it.

As far as a record label is concerned, Beanie Sigel said that he created that on his own. Sigel said that it cost $750 for him to register the name State Property Records, LLC because no one else had it. Beans said that Jay-Z did nothing to help that label because the label had no artists.

However, for those who recall, the label was home to the Young Gunz, Freeway, and Beanie Sigel. Also, the label was distributed by Roc-A-Fella Records and Def Jam. The label was said to have been created in 2000. While he may not have had any interaction with State Property Records, directly, Jay-Z has talked about the record label.

At one point, a truce looked like it was on the way, but there seems to be no end in sight for this feud.

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