Rakim and Dr. Dre reunite for “Detox”

2 Nov

RakimFor about three years, Rakim was a signed artist to Dr. Dre’s Aftermath Entertainment. At the time it seemed like a match made in heaven. In the minds of many, Rakim is the best rapper ever and Dr. Dre is the best producer ever. People just felt that once the two united that they would be unstoppable.

Instead, the two clashed frequently. With two creative people working, it becomes very hard to reach agreements. That was one of the main reasons for the constant push-backs of Rakim’s album. Then, 50 Cent joined the label and became a superstar, taking all of Dre’s time.

It was due to that, that Rakim ended up leaving Aftermath. Despite his departure from the label, he has always stated that he remains thankful to Dr. Dre for giving him that opportunity. Still, some thought that Dre and Rakim would never work together, again.

Apparently, those doubters were wrong because Rakim revealed that he, too, has been recruited for Detox. He said that he and Dr. Dre have been working most of this year on the album, but he is not sure if any of his work will make it onto the final product. While Rakim’s work may not hit the showroom floor, he was still a part of the process.

Dr. Dre plans to finally release Detox sometime in 2010, while Rakim hopes to release The Seventh Seal on November 17, 2009.

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