Joe Budden feels Jay-Z disses are pointless

2 Nov

Joe BuddenIn light of Beanie Sigel’s recent Jay-Z diss, a lot of people have spoken on the situation. Among those, Joe Budden can now be added to this list. From 2003 until earlier this year, Budden was among those Jay-Z critics.

However, for most of this year, Joe Budden has been among the most hated men in hip hop. After picking a fight with Jay-Z, Budden moved on to feuding with Method Man, which also became a feud with Raekwon, Ghostface, and Busta Rhymes. This is not even mentioning his feud with Saigon from early in the year.

After being bombarded with disses in response to his Joe Budden TV, the New Jersey rapper decided to ignore all future disses. Now, Joe Budden is a neutral rapper, he does not beef with anyone. But, this situation between Beanie Sigel and Jay-Z is one that has everybody talking.

For so long, Beanie Sigel was a faithful member of Jay-Z’s Roc-A-Fella crew and just weeks ago, he was speaking of Jay in such a positive manner. Then, he makes a complete 360 and begins sending disses at Jay-Z and Memphis Bleek. The situation has made a lot of other hip hop figures speak out.

Among those hip hop figures that have decided to speak out, Joe Budden has decided to provide his opinion. From one year ago, Budden has completely changed his tone. Instead of sending disses to Hov, Joe feels that rappers should be paying homage to him. In Joe Budden’s opinion, sending disses to Jay-Z is pointless.

Still feeling that he had not said enough, Joe Budden said that if Jay-Z is taken away from hip hop, it is not the same. Wow, what a difference one year makes. Had this been last year, Budden probably would have did the hook for “Average Cat.”

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