Game sides with Beanie Sigel, talks “R.E.D. Album”

2 Nov

The Game (rapper)Coming as a surprise to no one, Game has finally spoken on the Beanie Sigel/Jay-Z feud. It turns out that Game has sided with Beans. Earlier today, on Twitter, he revealed that he understood where Beanie Sigel was coming from and he has decided to ride with him regardless of what Raekwon says.

Most of Game’s post, however, dwelled on his upcoming fourth album, The R.E.D. Album. He said that the creativity is flowing at such a high rate that he may leak the entire album, himself, and record another album and it still go triple platinum. That is how confident that Game is with this new album.

Game said that he is feeling so great about the music that he is recording that he may come off of the December 8 release. He said that he knows that Interscope is going to change the date, regardless, but he may have the album pushed-up. Game is in the studio daily, recording tracks and he is said to like every song recorded.

Currently, The R.E.D. Album is still set for release on December 8, 2009 on Black Wall Street and Interscope Records.

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