Black Child speaks on New Label, Status of Murder Inc., and 50 Cent

2 Nov

Black ChildContrary to popular belief, Black Child is still alive and he is still working. Recently, he time out of his surprisingly busy schedule to discuss the recent activity going on around him. The Queens rapper talked about his new label and album, and of course, the burning questions about Murder Inc. and 50 Cent.

The interview mainly served as promotion for a new comedy film that Black Child was working on. But, he did speak on his upcoming album. He said that the reason for the constant push-backs for the album was because of Ja Rule hitting it big, then the trial and now the current situation with Murder Inc. Black said that he now runs his own label, but he does still record with Murder Inc.

As far as collaborations go with this new album, Black Child said that he is not going after many big-names, but he will be recording with Jadakiss and Ja Rule. Soon, the conversation shifted away from his work and to the status of Murder Inc. Records. In reference to the rumored departures of Caddillac Tah, Ja Rule, and Ashanti, Black said that they are all still with the label.

Black Child said that maturity plays a part in the music and right now everyone is being immature. He went on to say that everyone has their own labels, but they are still on the Murder Inc. label. Black Child went on to say that he and Irv Gotti still maintain a great relationship and he is still on Murder Inc.

After speaking about the status of Murder Inc. Records, Black Child talked about his longtime feud with 50 Cent. Instead of doing the usual f*ck 50 Cent, the rapper said that he still does not like 50, but he will not mention him again until 50 mentions him. He said that is where maturity comes into play.

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