Beanie Sigel speaks on “Average Cat”

2 Nov

Beanie SigelNow that almost everyone has gotten wind of Beanie Sigel flipping out on Jay-Z and Memphis Bleek, he has decided to respond to the diss, himself. Despite clearly calling Jay out and saying F-you to both he and Bleek, he insists that this is not a diss record.

Already, it is clear that Jay-Z is upset. Jay mentioned everything that he has done for Beanie Sigel throughout his career in a sarcastic manner. Memphis Bleek, on the other hand, is ready to put things to rest. Sigel said that this record was just something that he needed to do to get his feelings out there.

Beanie Sigel calls “Average Cat” a way to get his emotions out there without having an argument with Jay-Z. He made it clear in his interview that he is not dissing or hating on Jay-Z. Certain comments from rappers such as Game and 50 Cent show their intentions of using this as more traction to diss Jay-Z.

While they may want to go after Jay-Z, Beanie Sigel does not want them to use him to do so. He said that this record is in no way an excuse for rappers to begin pounding him. Beans said that he just felt that they were a family and Jay should not have let him down the way that he has.

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