50 Cent understands Beanie Sigel’s frustration

2 Nov

50 Cent II50 Cent wants beef with Jay-Z. On the intro of his new track, “So Disrespectful,” he admits that. Time and time again, he has baited Jay-Z, only for the more-seasoned Jay to ignore his digs. As a result, everything Jay-Z-related gets an opinion from 50 Cent.

Along with siding with Beanie Sigel in the feud, 50 coyly calls himself a better leader than Jay-Z. First, Fif mentioned the $1,200 a show, saying that one could not even get p*ssy for that amount of money. He went on to say that he always pays his people good money and that he does not know what Jay was doing.

The Queens rapper also questioned the comments made by Jay-Z when he said that he gave Beanie Sigel a clothing line and Bentleys. He asked if these were things that were given to Beans or if it was something that Sigel built. In either case, 50 Cent said that he deserved it as the next best thing on the label.

It did not stop there, 50 Cent also called Jay-Z a punk once again. He said that Jay avoids rap beef with 50, himself, or anyone else ever since he lost to Nas. From there, 50 mentioned Jay’s past feuds with Jadakiss and Cam’ron, once again.

Not to leave Jay-Z out there by himself, 50 Cent threw in a jab at Lil Wayne. He said that if he were on drugs that he would be a Martian and if he were on sizzurp that he would be saying some ill riddles. Recently, 50 Cent had his album pushed up for a November 16 release.

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