Charles Hamilton is ready to Move On

1 Nov

Charles HamiltonTwo months ago, Charles Hamilton was dropped from Interscope Records. His upcoming debut album was already receiving much hype from hip hop circles and Hamilton was touted as the future of hip hop. Being on a label as big as Interscope Records, he had a chance to be.

However, the label is also home to Soulja Boy. Consequently, Soulja Boy is currently one of the hottest rappers in the game. That would not have been a problem for Charles Hamilton had he not been feuding with the rapper for two years. Being the label’s biggest star, they cannot risk Soulja Boy by having some unknown rapper going at him.

Record labels do love some competition between their artists, but they do not love it when their artists openly feud with each other. An un-established brand, like Charles Hamilton, could do enough damage to hurt Soulja Boy’s career, but then his still not take off. If that were to happen, Interscope would be without two possible stars.

With Soulja Boy as the primary bread-winner of Interscope Records, he has a voice that Jimmy Iovine listens to. Also seeing the risk of a feud with Charles Hamilton, the two decided that it was best to simply drop Hamilton from the label. As promising as he is as a rapper, that hurts.

Most rappers, especially one knowing that he was the better rapper, would get mad and try to get even with the label and the rapper. Surely, Charles Hamilton thought of this, but he decided to simply let it go, in the end. He knows what happened and what should have happened. Hamilton has come to realize that maybe Interscope was not the place for him.

Charles Hamilton is ready to move on.

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