Memphis Bleek talks Beanie Sigel diss

31 Oct

Memphis BleekBeanie Sigel’s recent song, “I’m Not Your Average Cat,” has began to make its rounds. Released yesterday, the song takes some obvious shots at Jay-Z. However, there is a part of the song that also goes at another prominent member of the Roc, Memphis Bleek. In times past, it would have been easy to see Bleek preparing for war.

Memphis Bleek did sing a different tune, however, after hearing about his diss from Beans. He did admit that the song took him by surprise, but he went on to say that Sigel has been through a lot in recent years. Instead of sounding off on him and sending out all of the F-Us, Memphis Bleek said that he is not going to respond to the diss.

Instead, Memphis Bleek said that he was going to call Beanie up and they were going to talk this out. He said that he and Beans have been family for too long for it to be thrown away over frivolous beef. While Beanie Sigel may be a bit upset, Memphis Bleek is not and he is ready to put things to an end.

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