Jay-Z responds to Beanie Sigel diss

31 Oct

Jay-ZWhile Memphis Bleek is ready to let the Beanie Sigel diss go and move on, Jay-Z does not seem nearly as friendly about the situation. For Jay-Z, it has been a tough year. Right from the start, he has received disses from Game, 50 Cent, DMX, T-Pain, and, now his former protégé, Beanie Sigel.

When asked about the diss record, “I’m Not Your Average Cat,” Jay-Z jokingly responded by saying that Beanie Sigel has a lot to complain about. He pointed out all that he helped Beans with. During his time at the Roc, Jay-Z helped him start his own label, State Property, and his own clothing line.

Jay-Z said that while Beanie Sigel may have a lot to complain about, he does not. He said that Beanie Sigel was driving two Bentleys with his mother in the sticks and selling 800,000 copies. Apparently, that does not add up, Beans had to have been receiving some sort of help from someone. That was Jay’s response to Sigel claiming that he did nothing to help him out.

He said that everything that has happened to Beanie Sigel has been everything that he chose to do. Jay-Z said that Beanie Sigel was successful; it is just how he chose to use his success that determined where he is currently at. Then, he pondered how many other rappers were able to have their own record label and clothing line without ever releasing a platinum album.

Beanie Sigel said that Jay-Z never properly pushed his artists. However, after pointing all of that out, Jay asked if that was not pushing an artist, exactly what was. Obviously, Beanie Sigel is not the only person hurt by this situation.

One Response to “Jay-Z responds to Beanie Sigel diss”

  1. Hottrodd December 1, 2009 at 10:40 pm #

    The situation was much deeper than that, Beanz is really hurt by Jay’s actions in court, when he had the opportunity to have Beanz released, based on HOV’s response the judge decided not to release him,on top of that Jay didn’t even pay the man a visit in the Bing. You call that ROC-LA-FAMILIA, I don’t think so. I don’t blame Beanz at all.

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