Baby sends more Jay-Z disses

31 Oct

BabyBaby was one of the many hip hop figures that were upset with MTV and their hottest MCs in the game list. However, his reasons were a little different than the rest. Some felt that Eminem deserved inclusion over Gucci Mane. From the standpoint of Baby, there was no problem with that.

The main problem that Baby had with the list was the fact that Lil Wayne was not number one. The list awards the top emcees for the entire year. Last year, Wayne dominated the game, but this year, he has not released much music. Jay-Z, on the other hand has re-taken the game with his new music led by The Blueprint 3.

When he first made his displeasure with the list known, Baby made it clear that he was not dissing Jay-Z. He just said that he felt that Lil Wayne was hotter than Jay-Z. Later, he would come back to say that Lil Wayne could out-sell Jay-Z and that Wayne was a better emcee than Jay-Z.

If that was not enough, Baby is back, once again, to make it clear that he does not feel that Jay-Z was deserving of that number one spot. This time, he is saying that his crew makes more money than Jay-Z and that people are not really feeling Hov like that. It is unclear if he knows that Jay is worth well over $300 million and that he owns multiple ventures.

As great as Baby has been over the years, he is coming dangerously close to sounding ignorant. He has made his point, he feels that Lil Wayne should have been number one; it is time for him to let it go. The most important thing for him should be making sure that Lil Wayne even releases an album this year.

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