Will Diddy release Yung Joc?

30 Oct

Sean CombsYung Joc has made it clear that he wants to leave Bad Boy Records. Diddy has built a reputation of treating his artists any type of way that he wants to. The bottom line is, if an artist wants to leave Bad Boy, but Diddy wants them to stay, they are staying. Yung Joc is simply the latest Bad Boy star that wants off of Bad Boy.

There is one major difference between Yung Joc’s attempt to leave Bad Boy and attempts from other artists to leave Bad Boy. That is the fact that Diddy is trying to get out of a bad label deal, himself. Over the years, it has become clear that Diddy and Lyor Cohen are not the best of friends. Despite that, Cohen is the boss of Atlantic Records, the label that distributes Bad Boy.

Aside from that, Atlantic Records owns a 50% stake in Bad Boy Records, so essentially, Lyor Cohen owns a 50% stake of Diddy’s label. Last month, Diddy worked out a deal with Atlantic Records for him to purchase the Bad Boy name back. He took the name and signed a distribution deal with Interscope Records.

All new artists signed to Bad Boy Records will be on Bad Boy/Interscope as opposed to Bad Boy/Atlantic. The deal with Atlantic Records is not over, though. Any artists that are signed to Bad Boy through Atlantic will remain on Atlantic. However, if any of these artists are dropped or they end up leaving the label, the deal becomes smaller and smaller until it is completely dissolved.

Diddy is working hard to get acts signed to his Bad Boy label, but he says that he has not forgotten about his Atlantic Records acts. As big of a star as Yung Joc has been for Bad Boy, he is signed to Atlantic Records. Diddy hates getting rid of star rappers, such as Joc, but he has been unhappy with this Bad Boy/Atlantic deal for some time. Getting rid of Joc is one less artist signed to Atlantic Records for him.

Since this is a unique case and Diddy is ready to move on, will he release Yung Joc from his contract at Bad Boy Records?

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